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Abul Mal Abdul Muhit

Upskilling is one of the most important factors. Likewise domestic labors, should we able to upskill our outgoing labors, their capacity to earn better wage will be improved. With little bit of skill enhancement which does not warrant massive training, income generating ability of a person increases, our remittance income also goes up consequently.

We are creating Human Resource Development Fund and planning to set up an authority for Skill Development Which will work under Honorable Prime Minister.

Another opportunity we have (with regard to age of the population) is the greater proportion of youth. Today’s youth is tomorrow’s workforce, in that aspect we will get a dividend demographically and it will continue till 2045. Since it will not continue after the period, in order to cash on the dividend, skill development becomes important for making our people competent.

Abul Mal Abdul Muhit
Former Minister
Finance Ministry
Government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh