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Sewing Basics & Sewing Machines

Course type: Basic

Course Duration: 80 hours

Classes: 16 classes in 1 month

Course Objectives:

  1. This course is specially designed to provide technical knowledge and skills to cope with the requirement of primary knowledge on knit fabric, different knit fabric structure and their designing. The course will be implemented to ensure at least 80% of total contact hours on practical/hands on skills training or practice and 20% trade/ occupations related theory including OHS and soft modules.
  2. The course is designed to enable trainees to acquire a range of technical and vocational, practical, personal and organizational skills valued and utilized both within and beyond the workplace.
  3. The course is designed to meet the required competencies of the occupations needed in the labor market in and outside the country.

Course Outline

Name of the Course

Duration of Course

Entry Qualification

Apparel Manufacturing Total Duration = 80 hrs
1. Generic Skills= 2 hrs
2. Occupation Specific knowledge(trade theory) =14 hrs
3. Occupation Specific Skills(practical/demonstration)= 64 hrs
1. Age minimum = 18 yrs

2. Education = SSC (Fill up from Main Sheet) passed

I.Requirement of Competencies for the Targeted Occupations in the Job market

  1. Primary Knowledge on knit fabric
  2. Knowledge on knitting elements and their function.
  3. Knowledge on knitting machines and mechanism.

II. Competency Level : Basic Skilled Worker Level 1
III. Student Assessment Method

  1. Class Test( oral & practical based on achievement of competencies , once every 7 days)
  2. Monthly Test( oral & practical, once every 30 days)
  3. Final Test ( oral and practical based on achievement of competencies outlined for the course )
  4. Final Test to be conducted by Industry Assessors and institutional Trainers to assess the skills received during training

IV. IndustryAssessor Requirements
Assessor to conduct assessment must meet the following requirements

  1. Trainer (from other institution) or practitioner in the trade area at least for five(5) years
  2. Trainer(from other institution) or practitioner should be certified by BTEB/ISC/industry association (BTMA)
  3. One assessor can assess maximum 6 (six) Trainees a day

V. Certification System

  1. Certification will be done based on the assessment report from Industry Assessors and marks obtained from weekly, monthly and final test /assessment.

Time Distribution

Module No

Job Focused Module

Allocated Time(Contact Hours)

Occupation Specific Knowledge (trade theory) in hrs

Occupation Specific Skills(Practical) in hrs

Total in hrs

1. Concept of design ,fashion & style




2. Introduction of pattern ,Basic concept of pattern making




3. Components of different parts of a garment.




Time allocation




Weekly Assessment

30 Mins

30 Mins

3.0 Hrs

Monthly Assessment

1 Hour

1.5 Hour

2.50 Hours

Final Assessment

1 Hour

1.5 Hour

2.50 Hours

Total hrs


Module 1: Introduction to Sewing machine and sewing mechanism
Total Duration: 20.0 Hrs

Sl No Unit Code Unit of Competency (UoC)Title UoC Level Nominal Duration in hrs
Generic- Compulsory
SIEP-BWS-001 Study of standard body measurements of shirts, trousers, polo, t-shirts etc. Level 1 30 mins
SIEP-BWS-002 Study on Preparation of various types pattern Level 1 15 mins
SIEP-BWS-003 Study on Pattern grading Level 1 15 mins
Occupation Specific Knowledge(trade theory) -Compulsory

Knowledge on Marker efficiency management & Reduction of fabric wastage.

Level 1 1 hr

Knowledge on Producing of basic shirt pattern & marker

Level 1 1 hr

Knowledge on Quality control in knit fabric.

Level 1 1 hr
Occupation Specific Skills(practical/demonstration)- Compulsory
SIEP-BWS-007 Demonstration of producing of basic trouser pattern & marker Level 1 4.0 hrs
SIEP-BWS-008 Demonstration on Computerized marker making Level 1 6.0 hrs
SIEP-BWS-009 Demonstration on Types of marker making Level 1 6.0 hrs

Module 2: Pattern and Marker making developments
Total Duration: 30 Hrs

Sl No Unit Code

Unit of Competency (UoC)Title

UoC Level Nominal Duration in hrs
Generic Compulsory
SIEP-BWS-010 Introduction of sewing. Level 1 30 mins
SIEP-BWS-011 Sewing mechanism Level 1 30 mins
SIEP-BWS-012 Introduction of sewing machine. Level 1 30 mins
Occupation Specific Knowledge(trade theory) -Compulsory

Understanding Feed mechanism.

Level 1 1:30 hr

Knowledge on Sewing thread & needle.

Level 1 1:30 hr

Knowledge on Working aid.

Level 1 1:30 hr
Occupation Specific Skills(practical/demonstration)- Compulsory
SIEP-BWS-016 Demonstration on Sewing problem & remedies. Level 1 8 hrs
SIEP-BWS-017 Demonstration on Machine maintenance. Level 1 8 hrs
SIEP-BWS-018 Demonstration on Various sewing production. Level 1 8 hrs

Module 3: Apparel Merchandising basics
Total Duration: 30 Hrs

Sl No Unit Code

Unit of Competency (UoC)Title

UoC Level Nominal Duration in Hrs
Occupation Specific Knowledge( Trade theory) -Compulsory
SIEP-BWS-019 Introduction to apparel industry Level 1 2 hrs
SIEP-BWS-020 Knowledge on Basic concept of pattern making Level 1 2 hrs
SIEP-BWS-021 Knowledge on Cutting room management Level 1 2 hrs
Occupation Specific Skills(practical/demonstration)- Compulsory
SIEP-BWS-022 Demonstration of Production planning & control Level 1 8 hrs
SIEP-BWS-023 Demonstration of Work study & time study Level 1 8 hrs
SIEP-BWS-024 Demonstration on Sourcing management Level 1 8 hrs


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