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Case Study 8

Name of Training Institute: Noman Weaving Mills Limited
Address: Keowa West Side, Mawna Chow Rasta, Sreepur, Gazipur
Name of the Association: BTMA
Division: Dhaka
Name of the Course: Weaving Technology
Batch # 15, ID # 0900035558 ,

Md. Dobirul Islam was born in 1994 in a minor conventional family in charnachar Village under Dirai Thana of Sunamgonj district. His father was a poor farmer in their village and mother was a typical housewife. His father monthly income was very low-slung. Due to too much poverty, he did not get proper education as he desired. He completed his class eight education from his village.

“The Tier of Being an Effective Employment with the Support of BTMA-SEIP——–”

Straightaway after passing the class eight, he came to Dhaka for searching any type employment for survival of his family. During his job searching tenure he joined at Noman Weaving Mills Limited, Kewa West Side, Mawna Chow Rasta, Sreepur, Gazipur in January 2016 as an assistant operator (weaving) with BDT 7,200 only. In the meantime, under the Skills for Employment and Investment Program (SEIP), operated by Bangladesh Textile Mills Association (BTMA) he successfully completed 02 months lengthy Weaving Technology an up skilling course, as a trainee of the 15th batch with the help of the Noman Weaving Mills authority. Since the course was arranged in recipe with theoretical and hands-on, and showed curriculums by several proficient trainers, so he can learn a lot over and done with this course, which he never identified before. Apart from the end of the course, his self-possession, bottomless concentration and skill towards work due to a lot of progression in comparison to the past, the Mill authority are happy with his work and enhanced wages and other amenities as a prize.

At present, earning a total of BDT 10,500 after completion of BTMA-SEIP supported skills training with designation as Operator (Weaving) per month, including transport and medical allowances. Apart from this, a living room has been as long as free of charge.
He says that SEIP’s involvement is indisputably overdue all of these. He sent monthly BDT 4,500 to the village every month for the cost of the family. His family is running better than before.

Dobirul Islam have conviction in that “The Tier of Being an Effective Employment with the Support of BTMA-SEIP” by using SEIP supported skills development program. He taught us the situation he skilful to extension today because of the course he completed. He was very appreciative to BTMA-SEIP to deliver his such chance towards improve his skill.