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Case Study 7

Name of Graduate: Md. Anarul Hoque
Training Institute: Saad-Saan Textile Mills Limited, Mulaid, Sreepur, Gazipur.
Name of Association: Bangladesh Textile Mills Association (BTMA)
Sector: Textile
Name of the Course: Preparatory Process in Weaving
Batch No : 15,
Registration No : 0900014967
Reference No : BTMA-B12-029-033-30

Md. Anarul Hoque was born in 1981 at char Niyamot village of Phulpur Thana under Mymenshing District in a lower middle class family. His position among the two brothers and four sisters is the Number 1. His father was a general farmer and mother was a typical housewife. No additional earning source their except his father’s agricultural income. Therefore, his father was only income source person among eight members family. Due to lack of financial support, he didn’t completed his Secondary level education. Anarul Hoque could not continue her study after passing the class eight Slandered from a local school, which is situated in her own village.

Immediately after passing the class eight, he came to Dhaka with a motto to overcome their financial problems for seeking any suitable job him and he got to know from an advertisement in front of factory main gate, offering free training with possibility big chance of job after completion of training under SEIP project at “Saad-Saan Textile Mills Limited”, Mulaid, Sreepur, Gazipur.

Knowing this training information, he felt it’s a golden opportunity for him to prepare himself as a worker at Saad- Saan Textile Mills. Then he joined a training namely Preparatory Process in Weaving course, as a trainee of the 15th batch with the help of the Saad-Saan Textile Mills Limited under the Skills for Employment and Investment Program (SEIP), operated by Textile Mills Association (BTMA).

After successful completion of this training course with effortless support of the trainers and industry personnel, he joined on 7th. May 2017 as a Loom helper with monthly salary 5300/- BDT. At the end of this course his confidence level and dedication increased towards work, deep focus on the job Responsibility improved tremendously because she acquires multiplied ability in skills of aforesaid Tasks. The Mill authority are happy with his work and increased wages and other facilities as a prize with a promotion.

At present, earning a total of BDT 10,500 per month. Apart from this, a living room has been provided free of charge. He sent monthly BDT 7,000 to the village every month for the cost of the family. His family is running better than before.

Now onward their family is running very well with his wife and other family members. He said that SEIP’s enormous contribution to everything is undeniable.