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Case Study 6

Training Institute: Saad-Saan Textile Mills Limited,
Mulaid, Sreepur, Gazipur.
Name of Association: Bangladesh Textile Mills Association (BTMA)
Sector: Textile
Name of the Course: Basic Woven Structure, Batch : 1,
Registration No : 0900006459
Reference No : BTMA-B07-029-020-09

Liza Akter was born in 1997 at Jamalpur village of Atpara Thana under Netrokona District. Her position is the 3rd among her 03 siblings. Her father Janu Mia was the only earning member of her family and her mother was a homemaker. At the age of 05 her father was died and her mother take the responsibility to support their family. There is no other earning way her mother bound to work others household as maid servant for their survival.

Though going through extreme poverty her mother was very conscious about their study, for this reason she managed to pass SSC examination from a local school. In search of a better fortune she travelled to Gazipur. Subsequently, an advertisement of free skills training on a textile Mills gate changed her life. Here she knew all the courses are free of cost and also training authority provide tiffin cost. She got enrolled as a trainee of 1th batch of one month duration training course in Basic Woven Structure course at Saad-Saan textile Mills, Mulaid, Sreepur, Gazipur offered by BTMA-SEIP.

Upon Completion of this course she joined as Mending Helper on 22nd November, 2016 at BDT 5,300/= (Five thousand three hundred only).

After completing the training course she learn lot about Basic Woven structure what she did not know before because the course was organize with some practical & theoretical class and provide experience skillful trainers as well. Her confidence and devotion for the work is increased efficiently after getting knew knowledge from the course. Her confidence, concentration and devotion for the work the factory management was very pleased to increase her salary and other facility. She got a promotion as Cloth Checker with salary at BDT 10,400/= (Ten thousand and four hundred) only with Transport and Medical allowance and she also got the free accommodation service.

She sent monthly BDT 5,000/= to the village every month for the cost of the family. Her family is running better than before.

Liza Akter informed us the position she able to gain today because of the course she completed. She was very grateful to BTMA-SEIP to provide her such opportunity to improve her skill.