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Case Study 11

Name: Dipali Rani                           

Name of Training Institute: Maksons Spinning Mills Ltd.

Address: Gouripur,Ashulia, Savar, Dhaka

Name of the Association: BTMA

Division: Dhaka

Name of the Course: Ring Frame Basics & Techniques

Batch # 04, ID # 0900007588


Deepali Rani was born in 1992 in Morgan village underneath Khansama police station in the Dinajpur area to a minor family. Her father passed on a couple of a long time prior and her mother was a common housewife in their area. Her mother’s wage was exceptionally low since they did not have satisfactory sources of salary and they did not have their possess arrive. Due to extraordinary destitution, she did not get the education which she needed. She has completed class five educations from her village. Without further ado after passing Course Five, she came to Dhaka to look for any kind of work for the survival of her family. She took shelter within the house of h sisters working in the clothing manufacturing garment in Ashulia, Dhaka. She began searching for a work at the adjacent factory-gate each day but may not discover any work as she was unemployed or inept.

By then she had acknowledged a banner of the SEIP-BTMA training project, which was hung above the factory gate of Maksons Spinning Mills Ltd. through which she became a candidate for training in this project. In this case, she enrolled in Maksons Training Institute under the Skills for Employment Investment Program (SEIP) run by Bangladesh Textile Mills Association (BTMA). As a trainee of 4th Batch with the assistance of Mills Authority. Since this course was made up of a combination of theoretical and hand-on basis and the training was conducted by several skilled trainers of the Maksons Spinning Mills Limited, after the training she was able to learn a lot with this course, which he had never enlightened before.

After successfully completing her training, Maksons Spinning Mills Ltd. offered her to join us as an Assistant Operator in the Ring Division and she accepted the offer to join Makons Spinning Mills Ltd., Gauripur, Ashulia, Savar in January 2011 with BDT 6000. Due to her self-confidence, persistent attentiveness and skill towards work due to the great progress made compared to the past, the mill authority was happy to see her work and were given increased wages and other benefits as a reward. At present, considering the contribution of BTMA-SEIP, she is earning a total of BDT 10500 and she sends BDT 6000 per month to the village for family expenses. Her family is doing better than before.  She highly admired to BTMA-SEIP for giving her such an opportunity to improve her skills.